What is the Orthodox Latin Rite (Traditional Latin Mass)?

For nearly 1,400 years, the Traditional Latin Mass was the liturgy of the western world. It was the Mass at which Saints and Christians of the west worshipped from about 600 A.D. on. It was the Mass that martyrs gave their blood to preserve during the Protestant Reformation. It was the Mass that united Christians across continents and across centuries. It has been described as "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven".

Why the traditional Mass?

With the crises in the world today, more and more people (especially young people) seek an alternative to the "modern world". They are returning in droves to the wisdom of the ages, to things tested and timeless. For many young Catholics as well as Western Orthodox, this has included a return to the traditional Latin Mass.

Do I need to know Latin to follow the traditional Latin Mass?

No. Latin-English Missals contain easy-to-follow, step-by-step translations of all prayers, hymns and responsorials. The Epistle, Gospel and homily will always be in English, of course. Latin-English Missaletts (booklets) are available as well. So are whole English-Latin Missals.

How do I use the Latin Rite?

The Latin-English booklet Missal (Missalette) lays out in easy-to-follow format the structure and prayers of the Mass. There are two sets of prayers at Mass: the ordinary prayers and the proper prayers (of the current day). The ordinary prayers are those fixed prayers that repeat with every Service. They are contained in the Missal. The proper prayers, which change by the day, will be provided in the pew Missal or via a handout (bulletin).

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Why is it called Holy Mass?

The term Holy Mass gets its name from the liturgical dismissal at the conclusion of the Service. It comes from the Latin word missa. In Latin, the Mass ends with Ite missa est, which translated into English means Go, it is sent, the “it” being the Church, i.e. all of us faithful.  Since the times of St. Gregory the Great (†604) that the word was applied to the Latin Rite liturgy. While there may be simple cultural reasons why this took place, it is ultimately the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) telling us to go out to the world and preach the Gospel through our lives. 


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Pew Missalette of the Latin Mass

This red booklet missal contains the complete text in English and Latin for all Ordinary Prayers used in both Low and High Mass with instructions for the faithful to kneel, stand or sit. Instructions for confession, prayers before and after Holy Communion, Benediction Prayers and Devotions, Prayers to the Blessed Virgin, et al.

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